Inner Circle Application
Interested in growing a functional medicine based CASH practice? Then let's chat! Please fill out the information below. Once we receive your application we'll be in touch to set up your initial call. There will be NOTHING sold on this call. The goal is to simply explore what YOUR goals are and to determine if what we have makes sense for your clinic and your goals. 
How many years have you been in practice? 
What is your financial goal with functional medicine (i.e. what do you want to collect each month in CASH collections)?
What is your #1 practice struggle? 
What is your biggest strength? (i.e. in-office talks / 1 on 1 consults / closing patients / clinical results etc.) Tell me your superpower! 
Do you have staff that you can delegate to? How many members? 
Your answers are confidential and your email will never be shared / sold.

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