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Membership is available via application only! We don't accept all doctors. We work VERY closely with each practitioner to ensure their success. 
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What's Included In The Functional Practice Inner Circle?
In-Office Clinical Tools
  • (Video) How To Test A Patient In Under 3 Minutes. Delegate To Staff Member If Need Be.
  • ¬†(Video) 8 Minute Pre-Consult Video / File To Educate Patients On FoodTest95 etc. Put On Your Website, YouTube Channel, FB Page, Play For Patients Before The Consultation etc.
  • ¬†(Video) 7-Step Quick Launch To Generate A QUICK 15-20 new patients.¬†
  • ¬†(Webinar) Business Training - What To Charge, How To Price Structure, & How To Build Up Recurring RESIDUAL Income Via Supplementation.
  • ¬†(Webinar) Back End Supplementation Training - The Supplement Companies We Use / Supplement ‚ÄúCheat Sheets‚ÄĚ etc.
  • ¬†(Video) How To Test - Provide Protocol - RE-TEST - Re Customize etc. The Idea Is To FIX Their Shortage / Deficiency.
  • ¬†(PDF) Intake Forms / Consent Forms.
  • ¬†(PDF) Master Food Lists We Use With Patients.
  • ¬†Access To Test Kits (Food & Nutrients) / Lab Registration¬†
  • ¬†(Webinar) Advanced Food Testing Interpretation Training (clinical)
  • ¬†(Webinar) Advanced Nutrient Deficiency Testing Trainings So You Know What To Recommend For Each Patient (clinical)
  • ¬†(PDF) Leaky Gut Backend Protocol For Those Patients That React To A LOT Of Foods.
Of Course We'll Provide You With...
  • ¬†Handouts
  • ¬†Flyers
  • ¬†Posters
  • ¬†Banners
  • ¬†Brochures
  • ¬†Master Food Lists
  • ¬†Intake Forms
  • ¬†Questionnaires
  • ¬†Emails
  • ¬†Sample Reports
This Is A MASSIVE Shortcut So Nothing Has To Be "Re-Created"! You Can Hit The Ground Running FAST! We've Done All Of The Work For You So You Can Compress Your Time & Be Up And Running In No Time!
Access To Our Labs
We lean HEAVILY on comprehensive objecting testing. We use a combination of finger prick technology along with hair analysis. 

In under 3 minutes we're testing 400 foods, 325 non-foods, 50 nutrients (deficiencies), & 50 heavy metals. Again, the foundation of sensitivities, deficiencies, & toxicities. 

Our labs are convenient, affordable, non-invasive and all the testing can be performed in-office.
The Clinical Training Is The Easy Part! You'll Be Up & Functional Within A Week! Where The Inner Circle Shines Is The Marketing / Outreach To Help Scale Your Practice! 
7- Page Functional Testing Implementation Guide (i.e. check list). 
Food Testing Video Testimonials Drop Boxed To You. In 2019 You Need To Have Social PROOF That What You Do Works! We'll Provide You With Videos That You Can Put On Your YouTube Channel, FB, Funnels, Emails etc.
 In-Depth Day 1 Scripting / Hot Button Questions To Ask, How To Handle Phones / Pricing Questions / Insurance Questions etc.
We'll Dropbox You An 8-Minute Pre-Consultation Video For The Patient To Watch. This Does A Lot Of The Educating & Heavy Lifting For You. 
7-Day Quick Launch Campaign To Generate A QUICK 15-20 New Patients!
Membership is available via application only! We don't accept all doctors. We work VERY closely with each practitioner to ensure their success. 
27 Niche Condition Websites (Search Engine Optimized) Downloadable Into YOUR Account Within 10 Minutes!
I've said for years...I'd rather have 30 condition specific websites VS 1 website showing I treat 30 things. See the difference? Our inner circle membership provides you with just that.
Weight Loss
Functional Medicine
Food Sensitivity Testing
Nutrient Deficiency Testing
Virtual Practice
Leaky Gut
In-Office Seminar
Dinner Talks
(Videos) Advanced ClickFunnels Training. How To Edit / Modify / Make These Websites Your Own. SEO Training, GoDaddy Training, URL / Domain Training, Zapier, Blogging, Intake Form Importing etc.
IMPORTANT: We Use ClickFunnels Differently. I Want Our Sites To RANK Onto Page 1 Of Google! And We Do Just That.  It's A Beautiful Foundation Of "Set It & Forget It". Put Numerous Niche Specific Assets / Websites Into Your Community And You'll Get A Weekly Trickle Effect Of New Patients!
Facebook Trainings / Ads
We Will Teach You & YOUR TEAM How To Use Facebook WITHOUT The Need For An Agency!
You'll Get ALL Of Our Niche Specific Facebook Ads & Corresponding Trainings / Tutorials (Images / Text / Targeting / Re-Targeting / Custom Audiences etc.) Look Over My Shoulder As I Run My Own Campaigns.
We run niche specific campaigns for in-office talks, weight loss, ADHD, food testing, nutrient testing, thyroid, autoimmune, diabetes, migraines, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, etc. You'll gain access to all of our ads and corresponding trainings!
Software Training To Rank VIDEO To Page One Of Google FAST!
We use a unique $10/mo software that allows us to rank video to page 1 of Google fast. This 1 strategy alone is worth the inner circle membership. Google is our #2 source of new patients. We'll show you how to dominate!
Google Ads Training / Ads That Work!
We Will Teach You & YOUR TEAM How To Run Google Ads WITHOUT The Need For An Agency!
We're going to train you on Google Ads A-Z! 

Simply look over my shoulder and watch me run my niche specific Google campaigns from scratch! 

Our Google Ads trainings AND ads will allow you to get your funnel websites at the TOP within hours. 

This is the FASTEST way to get the phone ringing with HIGHLY QUALIFIED new patients that are looking for solutions to their problem.

Google is my FAVORITE source of new patients! Why? Because they are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for local doctors in their area to solve a specific problem! It's a SEARCH engine! 
You'll Get My In-Office Seminar Power Points / Scripts / Close etc.
I do a weekly talk out of this exact boardroom! Because I practice out of low overhead "corporate" office space...I use this board room for talks! 

I'm capped at about 12 people...generally 9-10 show up each week and we're able to monetize this workshop in a big way! 
Radio Commercials / Training
Radio is my #1 source of NP's. It's NOT for everybody though. 

If you're in New York City, forget about it. If you're in Los Angeles, forget it. But, if you're in the midwest...maybe a smaller area...it's worth looking into and getting some quotes!

We got started with radio for just $500. That got us in the game! We flipped that $500 into a decent ROI, re-invested, and scaled up! 

We'll give you the webinar training along with my top performing radio commercials (MP3's)!
A-Z Lunch Talk System
I've done 100+ lunch talks at DENTAL OFFICES alone! I will show you the strategy that NOBODY knows about that will get you into almost every dental office in your town!

We'll show you the lead generation +  give you the mailers, follow-up phone scripts, closing strategies, ALL the tools you'll need to set up 2-3 talks per week...IF you want! 

Please understand...these are FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE based talks with the sensitivity, deficiency, & toxicity theme!
As An Inner Circle Member You'll Receive Both Of My Books! Combined It's Nearly 200 Pages Of Functional Medicine Marketing Gold!
Inner Circle Membership Is Available Via Application Only!
We don't accept all doctors. We work VERY closely with each practitioner to ensure their success. 
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You Have Questions...We Have Answers!
Q: Are There Any Additional Expenses Beyond The Inner Circle Membership?
A: A few. ClickFunnels is $97/mo OR $297/mo for the unlimited plan. The ROI we see dwarfs the $297/mo. We also use a software that is $10/mo which allows us to stream EVERYTHING we do LIVE. This gives a big SEO bump. I also pay aweber $19/mo for follow-up email campaigns. 
Q: I Already Have A Website. What Do I Do With That?
A: If it's pulling new patients leave it alone. Use what we have and simply ADD MORE. You want Google saturation. I don't want just 1 website / listing on Google. I want numerous websites / videos all over page 1 for various conditions AND across multiple cities. If your current website does NOT pull and doesn't rank then you can shut it down. It's a liability and not an asset. 
Q: How Long Will It Take Me To Implement All Of This?
A: Depends how fast you work ūüėĀ! It is WORK! However, we've laid out the "blueprint" for success. We know what works and what doesn't. Simply replicate and duplicate what we've done. Clinically you'll be up and running fast but it does take some time to put the funnel sites in place....but we've done 98% of the work. Simply get rid of my content (bio, clinic hours, clinic name, number etc.) and put yours.¬†
Q: Do  I Need An Advanced Functional Medicine Degree? 
A: NO! I'm a D.C. That's it. The best clinician doesn't always win. The best marketer wins! 
Q: Can I Use My Own Supplement Companies? 
A: YES! I don't care which companies you use as long as they WORK! I test and re-test so you want to make sure you're fixing deficiencies. I will give you the cheatsheet of what I use but you're welcome to use whatever floats your boat. 
Q: I'm Not Sure If I Can Do A Finger Prick On A Patient? 
A: Each state is different. However, worst case scenario, have the patient test themselves and you can simply assist. It's like a diabetic checking blood sugar. Very easy and done in under 5 minutes! We ALSO have the hair analysis lab that tests 400 foods, 325 non-foods, 50 nutrients, & 50 heavy metals so if you don't want to mess with blood you don't have to. 
Q: How Long Is The Inner Circle Membership?
A: 12 months. Unless you choose the prepay option. After the 12 months the membership drops to $97/mo for continued access to labs / trainings / ads / websites that become available. We are always adding new content / trainings. The $97/mo is month to month and can be cancelled anytime. 
...And If You're From New York...And¬†You Just Read This Entire Website...I Apologize...You Just Wasted Your Time...ūü§£ūü§£. My Apologies...ūüėĀ
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