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"This Is the Exact FRAMEWORK I'm using, in 2023, to FLOOD our calendar, with High Quality functional medicine patients!"
...LEARN My High 6-Figure (100% Cash - 100% Virtual) Functional Medicine Framework!

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My calendar is ONLY for practitioners who are needing MARKETING HELP and are wanting to scale to 20k, 30k, 50k+ per month! These calls are NOT for tech support, clinical protocols, or why the heck I still live in freezing cold Minnesota! My calendar is for MOTIVATED practitioners who want the shortcuts to scale fast!


The Functional Practice Accelerator!

[My Newest Book]

I wrote the accelerator for 1 reason! To help FM practitioners scale their practice to the next level. 

I do a deep dive into my funnel frameworks, strategies, & tactics that have allowed me to scale into a high 6-figure (100% virtual) functional medicine operation. 

In it I talk about Old Way vs NEW WAY. I talk about niche research. I talk about math, metrics, & how to scale. I talk about the only 2 funnels you need to scale. I talk about the various marketing platforms and where you should start etc. 

But please understand this 'playbook' is NOT an inner circle replacement. I can't teach 'over the shoulder' click for click via a book. 

My inner circle is where I have you peak over my shoulder and literally walk you through the shortcuts A-Z!  

5-Day 'Niche Launch' Challenge

[Let's Get To Know Each Other?]

Skeptical? You should be! There is a lot of garbage out there that doesn't work. 

So I'd invite you to come through my 5-day 'Niche Launch' challenge! It's 100% free and will allow us to get to know each other! 

It will also get you inside my private FB community with a few hundred other like minded practitioners! 

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel!

Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel for some more content / trainings! 

Just some more proof that I didn't start coaching practitioners a few months ago. 

I've been at this game well over a decade. I know what works but probably more importantly, I know what DOESN'T work. Again, I'm in the trenches doing the thing I teach. Very rare to find these days! 
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